Selection of dark, milk and white chocolates with: marzipan (34% almonds in filling); smooth praline hazelnutcream (30% hazelnuts in filling); marzipan with rasberry taste (34% almonds in filling) topped with raspberry crisps; rich praline hazelnutcream and crunchy chocolate waffle balls (30% hazelnuts in filling)

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoabutter, hazelnuts 8,1%, almonds 7%, whole milkpowder, inverted sugar syrup, stabilizer: sorbitol, anhydrous milkfat, glucose syrup, humectant: invertase; natural almond flavour,emulsifier: soy lecithin; rice flour, natural vanilla flavour,skimmed cocoa powder, wheat flour (gluten), salt, malt,glazing agent: Arabic gum, Shellac, natural flavour, edelberry juiceconcentrate, color:carmin, blackberry powder.

Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 50% minimum. Milk chocolatecontains cocoa solids 33%, milk solids 14% minimum. White chocolatecontains cocoa solids 26%, milk solids 22% minimum.

May contain traces of nuts,peanut, eggs and gluten.




28,7 g

Saturated fat

12,7 g

Total Carbohydrates

60,4 g


59,2 g


7,5 g


3,9 g


0,05 g

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Emoti La Palette, 63g (marzipan & hazelnut). Gift Bag with Bow. Christmas

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