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EMOTI CHOCOLATE is a trademark of the Belgian company Elysberg Confiserie BVBA.

The name EMOTI itself is part of the French word as well as the English and in many other languages ​​familiar word emotion. Emotions are the source of our energy, our emotional experience gives life color and taste.

We need the emotional energy that drives us to achieve results, goals, fulfill needs, experiences of satisfaction, joy and happiness.

Our Belgian pralines EMOTI not only taste great, but are literally a messenger of positive emotions.

Elysberg Confiserie BVBA is a specialist in the field of gift chocolate pralines and a reliable partner from the very beginning. In close cooperation, we spread emotions – positive emotions of the taste of our pralines among people all over the world, who have been among the most popular gifts since their inception. We pack the pralines by hand either in boxes or in a bag, all in a luxurious gift design and various sizes. Our specialty is a smaller package of pralines, we even offer a box with only one praline.

The design of the boxes attracts attention at first sight and looks luxurious. Every detail is important to us, including the fact that it must leave an attractive impression when first opened. And all this must evoke the feeling that it is a luxury gift. We follow the rule: “ The best gift – it’s the one you can enjoy “.

Our gift boxes will satisfy the most demanding customer, who requires exceptional taste. The pralines are filled with delicious creams of various kinds, such as hazelnut nougat with crispy chocolate balls (30% hazelnuts in the filling); marzipan with raspberry flavor and raspberry flakes (34% almonds in the filling); de leche creame and crispy meringues; fine caramel cream with a layer of white chocolate with crunchy caramel and almond pieces and more… All are made of excellent milk, dark or white chocolate.

We also supply our products to our customers outside the country, for example in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Denmark, Russia, South Korea and many other countries.

All our products meet the strict requirements of the international food standard (ifs) international food standard – we have an ifs certificate.